Heating and Cooling Services

Stay Warm in the Cold.

That sweater your grandmother made for you looks very cozy. That’s why you’re wearing it inside your own home, right? Your heat isn’t working so you have to bundle up with everything you can find in the closet including the sequined cat sweater grandma made. Look, we know you don’t like the sweater. You don’t even like cats! Stop this charade. Call Hiller so we can get your house heating system working again, and you can leave that sweater in the closet.

Heater Installation & Maintenance

No job is too big or too small. Our technicians perform regular maintenance and 24/7/365 repairs on all types of home heating systems whether we installed the unit or not.

Gas Furnace or Forced Air?

For some customers, a gas furnace makes the most sense. For others, a heat pump forced air-­‐heating system combined with an air conditioning system is the way to go. We’ll help you choose the right one.

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